36 page zine reflecting on 10 years of community work and social action - with poems, a playlist, legal advice, first aid guide and collages.

Designed by hand on a vintage copy of a Ladybird Easy Reading Book: The Policeman.

Printed on recycled paper. 20% of sales donate to a community organisation. Free PDF copy with every purchase.

"Since 2011 i've been a community organiser, youth worker, carer, volunteer, artist and writer, all of varying levels of success. I've worked with roma travellers, in rehab, with refugees, on council estates, with excluded teenagers and with adults and children with disabilities - as well as my own personal experience of mental health (including being sectioned), arrest, the trials and triumphs of neurodiversity, a queer awakening and life in general on the fringes of polite society. In all of these situations, there remains some consistency - people who are marginalised and perpetually abused by systems of power remain the sole solution to their
collective struggle. We, the outcast and the underclass, are left to rot in a social niche that those in power have designed to offer only hopelessness and decay.
But yet we find hope - we pool together what little resources we have and we survive, sometimes even thrive. One of the few things that enables this is protest - harnessing collective frustration to voice what is evident - that we are ensnared in systems of injustice that can, and must, be destroyed."